• Stretch tape
    In desired microns, sliced or standard sizes
    pallet stretch films suitable for manual and machine use ...
  • adhesive tapes
    All kinds of parcels and packaging materials
    It is suitable for closing. Strong adhesion property
    Moving with cargo, etc. ideal for operations.
    Circle medium and high strength packaging
    It is preferred in practice. It provides the fixation of
    packaged material with its unstructured structure.
  • Insulation Tapes
    A face adhesive tape used to insulate the bare
    electrical wires from which electrical current will flow,
    from one to another conductors.


Our product range according to usage areas.


Leading company in the sector

KRM is a powerful company that manufactures adhesive tapes, middle and high strength, stretchable hoop, pallet stretch film and insulation tape, aiming to bring a whole new and dynamic breath to the industry.


Thanks to new and superior technology used, KRM Industries, which continues its production with full speed, has created a wide product range based on customer satisfaction. KRM Industrial aims to reach the right solution in line with the needs with its personnel who bring together expert, talent and experience in the field; quality, self-sacrifice and trust.


With its innovative and dynamic production approach, customer-focused approach and always aiming for better, KRM is a different breathing architecture in the industrial sector.


Conformity to quality standards

KRM industrial, with various adhesive tape productions according to usage areas; packaging tapes, masking tapes, cellophane tapes, PVC insulating tapes, double sided adhesive tapes. In addition, KRM Industries, which makes environmentally sensitive production of pallet stretch film, regularly tests compliance with the quality standards of its products.

Sectors we serve

» Automotive and Industry

» White Goods, Electronics, Furniture Industry

» Construction and Heating, Cooling, Air Conditioning Industry

» Cable and Insulation

» Plastic, Packaging and Stationery

» Textile, Leather and Printing Industry

» Other Industrial Areas

Contact information

KRM Industry, which has created a wide range of products based on customer satisfaction, uses the best possibilities of technology to provide better service to you.

Adress: Kemalpaşa neighborhood 7407/2 Street no:11/A
 Pınarbaşı - İzmir / TURKEY

Phone: +90(232) 472 04 45 +90(232) 472 04 46

E-Mail: kahraman@krmendustriyel.com

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